Issues in Listening Section Faced by Medical Record and Health Information Students in TOEIC Preparation Class


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Palupi Susilowati, Atik Ulinuha, & Yeni Nurmala Hidayati. (2023). Issues in Listening Section Faced by Medical Record and Health Information Students in TOEIC Preparation Class. LinguA-LiterA: Journal of English Language Teaching Learning and Literature, 6(2), 9–18. Retrieved from


This study aims at figuring out issues in listening section faced by medical record and health information (RMIK) students during their study in TOEIC Preparation Class. Accordingly, the issues to be discussed cover common errors and causes of those errors made by the students. Accordingly, by finding out those issues, the solution to overcome them could be figured out and suggested. The method used in this study was qualitative method, by giving a TOEIC Preparation Test, specified in listening section to 44 respondents. The listening test consists of 4 parts, Photographs, Question and Response, Conversation, and Short Talks. This study found that there were wrong answered given by the students in the Photographs part (30%), Question and Response part (23%), Conversation part (20%), and Short Talks (43%). This indicates that Short Talks part might be the most difficult part in the listening section encountered by the students. In contrast, the Conversation part is the easiest phase for them, followed by Question and Response part. After further analysis, it can be concluded that the causes of students’ difficulties in Short Talks part were the length and speed of the speech. Realizing the issue, better teaching strategies and learning styles are expected to get the best achievement as well as to improve students’ listening skill.




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